June Goodiebox

For those of you who have not yet got one or heard of it anyways, Goodiebox is New Zealands premier sample beauty subscription service. You are able to subscribe for $25 a month plus shipping and can cancel anytime as well. So far Goodiebox has been my introduction to luxury bath and body brand MOR cosmetics which I am an official fan of. MOR should give Goodiebox some commission  because I have spent hundreds of dollars on their online store already! But I will leave my MOR gushing for another post.

Goodiebox has been awesome!  They have sent out some really great products and they are mostly really great sizes and not just sachets of samples so you easily get your moneys worth – most are in fact full sized items…take a look at this months box as an example.

This months Goodiebox is amaazing…see the picture of my awesome box of happiness for an idea of what it looks like and how big it is….


What was included?

a full sized Loreal Mythic Oil, Psssht dry shampoo, MOR marshmallow fragrance oil, MOR little luxuries snow gardenia soap, Mum’s Secret moisturizer as well as sample sachets of shampoo and conditioner for mythic oil AAANNND of course some yummy caramel flavored Moccona coffee – which gave about four cups worth and was shared amongst my colleagues at the office. Needless to say this box was exciting and I got two more people who want to try it out.


The MOR products are hands down amazing and smell like heaven… SOLD. I am officially hook, line and sinker a sucker for MOR.

The Mums Secret moisturizer is looking to be a pretty good contender for my regular arsenal. I have really dry skin so this has been very comfortable and gentle on my skin – the plus is it’s made in NZ and entirely of natural ingredients! No chemicals and bad stuff. WIN – WIN – so far am loving it.

The dry shampoo…I’m neither here nor there with. It will probably be more useful on long haul flights or something but I have used it twice – the smell is okay. I’m more tempted to try out the Batiste dry shampoo which you can get at farmers. I’m going to leave the jury out on this product for the moment. I’m not yet sold.

Mythic Oil – what can I say? I LOVE it. There has been a noticeable difference with my hair looking so much more shinier and the ends feeling softer and nicer and more manageable. I put only a pumpful on after washing, drying and styling, and this certainly helps hold the straight styles too. The bonus is this is a full sized “sample” so I’m super stoked with it.

Needless to say – my subscription to Goodiebox is intact for the next box as well – No cancellation in mind as of yet.

To register for your own box of happiness visit http://www.goodiebox.co.nz – comment below to let me know if you have registered after this post so I can put you down as a referral 🙂 xo

Happy Wednesday everyone! xoxo


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