NYX – Jumbo Eye Pencils: Base Addiction

It’s no secret that NYX jumbo pencils are amazing as eye bases and give brilliant and opaque colour payoff. Most importantly they are super affordable too – even down here in little old New Zealand. I bought mine from http://www.crushcosmetics.com.au.

NYX Jumbo Pencils also help to make your eye-shadows pop – so if you want to really get the colour showing through then just use these as a base colour and add your shadow over the top. You won’t be disappointed.

They are extremely creamy and very easy to blend. These pencils are also great on any skin tone – so I was really happy when I got them and found they showed up really well on my skin.

The only down side to these pencils are that you can’t sharpen them – they are so creamy that even if you tried, you would likely break it and ruin the pencil plus lose a bit of product. The tube is some sort of plastic anyway so I don’t think sharpening would work regardless.

So to combat this downfall I naturally depotted ALL my NYX pencils 🙂 easier to use and I didn’t lose any product!

I’ve swatched the colours I have for you to see in the picture below. I’ll do another post on how to depot these gems.

Sorry the image isn’t very clear but the colours from left to right are:
Milk, Cottage Cheese, Slate, Black Bean, Cashmere, Gold, Strawberry Milk, Purple, Rocky Mountain Green, Electric Blue

As usual, any questions, comments or requests please let me know.



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