Depotting NYX Jumbo Pencils

I bought my NYX Jumbo Pencils a few months ago after having seen numerous other beauty guru’s rave about these. I had to…it was just too much temptation. And let’s face it – Tempting me with makeup isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do 😉

They look really cool in their pencil form – however I decided to depot mainly because you can’t sharpen the pencil and you won’t be able to use all the product- bar the couple cm if that on the tip.

I got my pencils from Crush Cosmetics ( – and I love them! See my previous post for a full review. I didn’t worry about videoing this tutorial because there are plenty of depotting vids around – I just thought I would share my own method and wisdom with you 🙂

SAM_0839 SAM_0751

You will Need:

– glass cosmetic containers/pots (for the product)
– pliers
– hairdryer
– newspaper (to avoid messing up your nice carpet/desk areas)
-marker pen and/or labels to mark the product colours
– Alcohol sanitiser
– Tissues

Step One:
Firstly ensure you start with clean and washed hands. Then sanitise all your tools and the container you are going to put the product into.

Step Two:
Using the pliers remove the top cap off the pencil. This can be a little difficult but sometimes it comes off quite easily. The pictures below show you how to remove the top from the pencil and what this should look like when you are done.

SAM_0848 SAM_0850

Step Three:
Remove the cap plastic cap from the pencil and hold your pencil with the pliers over the glass container. Secure the container with sticky tape or similar onto your workspace to avoid it moving around once you switch on the dryer. Switch on your hairdryer onto the high heat setting. You want to hold the pencil with pliers because the barrel gets very hot. Keep the heat blowing down the barrel of the pencil as shown in the following picture until the product empties from the pencil and into the container. The following pic is a demo only – don’t hold the pencil like that – hold it with the pliers or something similar so you don’t get burnt.

SAM_0851Step Four:
Once the product is in the container, use a tissue to hold it (to prevent burning) and gently tap it on a hard surface to even out the product. Then close the container and leave it to dry overnight.

SAM_0842 SAM_0841 SAM_0843

Now you can enjoy your pencils in all it’s glorious colours 🙂

Any questions/comments or requests please comment below.



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