The Evolution of the Eyebrow

Beauty is about perception, not about make-up. I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself. You can’t put on make-up, or dress yourself, or do you hair with any sort of fun or joy if you’re doing it from a position of correction.” -Kevyn Aucoin

It’s no secret that the eyebrow shape has been through some evolutionary changes over the years. We’ve seen everything in style, from the ‘pencil thin, barely there’ brows to the ‘can’t miss them bushy brows’. And we have never been more obsessed with the maintenance of perfect arches; the incessant grooming, plucking, shaping and filling in to create our own flawless and inconceivably perfect brow has become the IT daily beauty routine.

So what’s trending on 2013’s fashion runways? It’s the full featured, shaped arches that have our hearts racing. Let’s bear in mind that eyebrows play a huge part in defining your face – so personally this trend is actually one of the best trends in the brow department so far. It’s come and gone over the years and most people go with their own preferences anyways – even up to drawing in brows entirely (no hair there) – but let’s face it – there’s no fault with these gorgeous brows. It’s somewhere in the middle – not overly plucked and too thin – and not overly bushy like we just emerged from our cave in prehistoric times.

Check out Kim K rocking our favorite brow shape:

Kim K 2013 trend

The secret to perfect brows however lies in your face shape. Every face shape has its own unique features and you can maintain your brows to best reflect your own face shape – this enhances your own natural beauty rather than mismatching brows to face shapes that don’t really suit.

The six basic face shapes are outlined for you below:

1. The Oval – aka the perfect face shape
Perfect brow for this face shape is soft angled shape which works beautifully with this face shape.


The Oval Face Shape

2. Long Face Shape
Perfect brow for this face shape is a flat brow which works to make the face appear shorter.

Long Face Shape

Long Face Shape

3. Heart Shaped Face
Perfect brow shape for this face shape is a rounded brow. A low arched brow will help to create a soft, feminine appeal and natural look, and a high arched brow will help to elongate a shorter heart shaped face.

Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape

4. Round Face Shape
Perfect brow shape for this face shape is a high arched brow – this helps to make the face appear longer . Stay away from rounded brow shapes as this will make the face appear rounder. A soft angled look will also work well with a round face shape.

Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape

5. Square Face Shape
Perfect brow shape for this face shape is a strong and angular brow which you can soften with curves if you like – this especially helps to balance out a very defined and strong jaw line.

Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape

6. Diamond Face Shape
Perfect brow shape for this face shape is a curved shape which works to soften the angles in the face and make the widest portion of the face look less wide.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape

Now for those of us who are not blessed with easy to shape brows – we have the luxury of beauty supplies and tricks to get our arches looking celebrity perfect.

To get your brows looking perfectly shaped follow the simple shaping rules in this image:

Eyebrow Shaping

1,2,3 to the perfect brow shape

Some of my favorite products to help shape my brows are Smashbox Brow Tech and Sleek’s Brow Kit in extra dark. Having some tweezers and a good brow pencil in my makeup kit is always a must.

Check out some of the drastic brows (just for fun) 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! As always if you have any questions, comments or requests – please comment below! 🙂



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