Dry Hair Winter Blues Remedy – BodyShop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter Review

Hey Lovelies!

So this isn’t a newsflash – but my hair is naturally (and always) dry. This is my own fault of course – the ongoing heat styling and blow drying takes its toll after a few years (if not before then) – I’m sure it’s the latter. Either way – I purchased the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter from the Body Shop months ago (after having got a tiny sample from somewhere I don’t remember), and I really only used it once. It has sat in my bathroom as a fixture rather than an actively used product until I finally picked it up a month ago and decided to make use of it and see what it did to help my hair health. The product does have a very earthy and organic smell to it – it’s not floral pleasant – but it’s not entirely unpleasant either. And being from The Body Shop, I was relatively happy with this because I know that they are cruelty free proponents and all their products are completely ethical. They also source all their ingredients through Community Fair Trade which is great. This company is a stand out and undoubtedly a leader when it comes to providing ethical and guilt free products. And for those of you wondering about my The Body Shop rave – this is absolutely not a sponsored post.

So onto the good stuff.

The tub of hair butter is your about usual 290mL container with a very rainforest and tropical themed packaging. The product texture is lovely – it’s not gooey or stiff and has a really silky and easy to use consistency about it. This hair product also has no silicones, sulphates, parabens or colourants…so far, so good.

Hair Butter

So far after having used this product for about a month – my hair was silky, shiny, and so so soft. Did I mention the shine factor? The results were fairly obvious from the first time I used it so much so that my husband told me my hair looked so silky and it looked like a pantene ad. Needless to say this put a bounce in my step that day. I will be buying more of this stuff and I’m  keen to try out some more of their bath and body stuff, especially their hair care range. I’m loving the company motto and view point and their stand on animal cruelty. Needless to say the pricing in New Zealand is a bit steep for their products so sometimes it’s not really budget friendly – if The Body Shop could work on bringing more reasonable prices to NZ I’m sure they would get far more people buying and loving their products. I bought gifts galore for my family when I went to Hawaii recently and some stuff for myself and that was incredibly well priced compared to what we pay in little old New Zealand. Either way – if you can try out some body shop samples and products – I would highly recommend it, and if you happen to have dry tresses like myself then you should definitely give this hair mask a go. It’s going to be my go-to cult favourite.



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