For the Love of Beauty…Blogging

Right. So this post had to be posted. I love beauty blogging. And as much knowledge and experience as I have had in the industry itself – I am always learning new things. I just have to emphasise that the beauty blogging community is amazing. Everyone has their own unique ways of doing things, and just the passion for this particular niche is so inspiring. I love that there is all this information so readily available for anything from tutorials, product reviews and the general sharing of experiences, and you can always draw on an ever expanding knowledge base.

Here is an example – I have learned (officially) – 3 new things this week alone, that I would never have tried or considered until having read my fellow bloggers posts. I’m planning on trying out all of these new ideas and blogging about my own experiences with them but here is my learning list (and the blogs I got them from):

1. I got a cool recipe and am absolutely trying this out this weekend. The post was so well written, it made my mouth water – I just had to try it out! (

2. I now have some ideas for DIY home facial and hair masks which I think is great to try out – and very cost effective (

3. I had no  idea you could make your own DIY matte nailpolish at home using eye shadows – I am considering using my older shadows for this one (Sample Bar Twitter Feed)

Let’s not forget the endless new looks and nail art available on 🙂

In short – this is so much fun. I have a whole “to buy” list that I’ve compiled just based on reviews from other bloggers and their experiences with it. Let’s not forget the networking opportunities and the ability to meet new and interesting faces and interact with personalities all over the globe.

So, I’d like to apologise for this little mini rant about how much I love beauty blogging – I just had to get it out of my system and share my passion for it with you all.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday!



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