News Worthy | Sigma Creme de Couture Make-up Collection

Sigma Creme de Couture Collection

What exciting news for the midweek madness. I am so excited for Sigma’s new collection which will be launched on the 9th September 2013. Less than a month away!!!

The new collection includes a beautiful and stunning matte eyeshadow palette in pretty candy colours, with 3 pretty blush shades to boot.

Sigma’s description of this collection:

Indulge in the decadent delights of the Limited Edition Crème de Couture Collection featuring 16 candy-colored matte eye shadow shades and 3 velvety-sweet blush shades. Experience these dreamy, macaron-inspired flavours through the whimsical fantasy of Crème de Couture.

I have a set of Sigma brushes which I love, and I haven’t really tried out their make-up – but this looks really promising. I am especially excited to grab the stunning candy colours in their eyeshadow palette – all matte!

The prices for these little gems will be (in USD):

Crème de Couture Eye Shadow Palette: $32
Individual Blush Shades: $12/each
Crème de Couture Collection: $55 ($68 Value)

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on them, as I’m sure most of you are…I can feel the excitement building!

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