The VMAs 2013

We all know by now that Miley Cyrus is the talk of the town for her memorable performance (for want of a more PC word) at this years VMAs. Honestly I didn’t like her outfit choices, or her hair for that matter (who did?) – I found it lacking in taste. But this post isn’t about Miley – I wanted to do a post to highlight my favourite, not so favourite and downright no-no fashion choices for this years VMAs. And I have left Miley out of the no-no list just because she’s getting enough attention for bad behaviour as it is.

My absolute favourite for this years VMAs is Taylor Swift. Her elegant style, and classic makeup was put together so well and she came out working that red carpet looking amazing. The slinky glittery dress by Hervé Léger fit her form perfectly and she channelled a vintage movie star like a classic Marilyn Monroe. This was a clear winner for me.

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Selena Gomez – the jury is still out on this one for me. I think Selena managed to pull off this gown effortlessly, and it’s a really daring choice, held together by clasps and revealing a fair amount of skin. The gown is undoubtedly beautiful and is an Atelier Versace number. This one pushes the boundaries – but you can’t help but wow at how stunning Selena looks in it. There are not many starlets who can combine a healthy dose of sexy and stylish and pull it off.

Selena Gomez

Here are more fashion forward ladies who pulled off gorgeous fashion choices on the red carpet:

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And now for my not so favourite fashion choices. I think both these ladies needed to re-evaluate their wardrobes. I am definitely not a fan of these – they just did not work at all. Erin Wasson would have done just as well in a bikini – maybe she was trying to outdo Miley – who knows? Lil Kim – well I am speechless. Let’s leave that as a no comment zone. I can’t begin to think what these guys see when they take that last look in the mirror before leaving the house. Maybe we don’t want to know. Or maybe we should borrow those contact lenses which protect them from the sight. Ok, maybe too harsh.

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