New Zealand Fashion Week | Nuffield Street Show (Gorman, Alannah Hill & Charlie Brown) & Smashbox Seminar

This year marks my very first official attendance at New Zealand Fashion Week and it was every bit as magical as I had imagined it would be. Unfortunately though, due to time constraints, I could only manage to make two shows; the Smashbox seminar and the final wrap up Nuffield Street Runway show. I did manage to browse around all the fun stalls and stopped by the MAC pop up store and scored myself a new makeup remover.

The designer garage sale was great too and I did browse around. A special mention has to be made for the lovely girls at the Verdo nail stall. They were absolutely lovely and so friendly. The lovely lady doing my nails even helped me to get my large amount of shopping bags hooked around my arms to make sure I didn’t ruin my nails – A++ for service ladies!

The vibe and excitement at NZFW was obvious and everyone was busy milling around, checking out fantastic bargains and trying out products.




We arrived all dressed up in heels, makeup and brand new dresses to attend the long awaited Smashbox seminar. We were treated to lovely goodie bags which had the signature Smashbox face primer and a mini mascara. The seminar was really great and informative and the brilliant makeup artists created four different looks to inspire the audience. The tips and techniques were really great as well – and I’m sure a lot of the ladies (and gents) left the seminar feeling a bit more confident with their makeup application and a few little tricks to try out at home.

My favourite tip? Don’t overdo the powder as it ages you! Try and keep a luminous and fresh complexion. Check out the first model getting her makeup done – she looked stunning! (They all did). I only really managed to get one semi decent photo for the smashbox seminar though – so was a little disappointed with that.

Smashbox Seminar

Moving on to the runway show! The Nuffield Street Show featuring three stunning Aussie designers – Alannah Hill, Gorman and Charlie Brown.

Alannah Hill opened the show with her vibrant and exciting collection ” Valley of the Dolls” featuring 1960’s accessorised models, floral prints and bursts of exuberant colours including apple green and yellows. I can’ t forget to mention the lovely polka dots making an appearance – my favourite piece from this collection is the polka dot outfit. I really loved the collection and felt these were absolutely stunning and really wearable. So yes, I will be shopping Alannah Hill very soon.

Gorman was on next with a playful and really great collection of prints inspired by Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Charlie Brown finished off the show with a bold statement of prints, specifically animal prints and sleek silhouettes with amazing contrasts. There was lots of soft and floaty fabrics and the collection was reminiscent of the 90’s bringing back some on trend 90’s era style.






alannah hill polka dots

nzfw alannah hill outfit















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