Emmy Awards 2013 Fashion Expose

The red carpet is notably notorious for showcasing some of the most to die for fashion pieces and of course those fashion choices which make you think “did you not look in a mirror before you left the house?”

I mean don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own fashion enigmas and I’m all for expressing individuality, and showcasing your own unique style, but come on – sometimes celebrities (cue Lady Gaga’s meat outfit) get paid enough to not look like you’ve ripped off your grandmothers curtains and decided to drape it on yourself or like you skinned and chopped an animal and decided it would make a lovely covering for your body.

The latest red carpet event was of course the Emmy Awards 2013, which was held this past Sunday (Monday for good old New Zealand who is waaaay ahead of the time curve).

This is my photo op collaboration of the celebs who charmed, shocked and downright made me want to wish I had not seen the faux pas they decided to don.

Pretty Charming Frocks: 

Not so Hot Frocks: 

What were you thinking?

Lena Headey

And of course let’s not forget the dashing guys that graced the red carpet too. The suit is an official 007 charmer after all. Swooning allowed ladies.

Asher Monroe

Mario Lopez

Hope you guys like this post.

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