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Back home in South Africa, Halloween is not celebrated and hyped up the way it is in the US. Even here in New Zealand, it’s just a fun way to enjoy a great party, where you incidentally get to pull out all the stops and dress up to the nines. In fact, this particular garish celebration, albeit fun, has never been something that I’ve ever taken much notice of. Until now of course.

2013 marks the year I am to attend my very first official Halloween party. Am I excited? Definitely! I can’t wait to get all dressed up. My obsession with Egyptian culture and all things Ancient Egyptian means I am naturally going to be attending as Cleopatra. Yes, I know it’s cliché and over done but this is my first shot at creating an iconic look.

Whether your Halloween style is all out scary, dressed up super sexy or just plain bizarre, this is the time of year to get your party on in your favourite costume.

I’ve put together some cool, crazy and downright wicked costume choices that the movers and shakers of Hollywood have sported to their A-List events. Check it out!

Alyssa Milano - Tinkerbell

Anne Hathaway - Cleopatra

Blake Livley and Martha Stewart - Cleopatra and Medusa

Christina Aguilera - pirate wench

Heidi Klum - Goddess Kali

Heidi Klum and Seal - Planet of the Apes

Jim Carey

Kim K - Poison Ivy

Kim K - Princess Jasmine

Kim K - Red Riding Hood

Kim K - wonderwoman

Kim K

Miranda Kerr - Circus Ring Master

Nina Dobrev - hermione granger harry potter

Paris Hilton - princess

Paris Hilton

queen of hearts


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please let me know what your favourite costumes are and what you plan to dress up as this year.

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