Review | Schwarzkopf Extra Care Dry Range

Dry shampoo has been the most recent addition to our bathroom shelves. What is it about convenience products that make our lives oh so much more easier? This invention is certainly a dream come true for those of us who despise spending ages drying and styling our hair meticulously after every wash. Not to mention the time saving factor. Big (BIG) plus for me.

Long story short, Batiste? Step aside. You have a new contender on the market.  Naturally I had to jump on that band wagon. Naturally.

Me being me and always on the look out for new and exciting brands and products, was very excited when Fuse PR sent me the new Schwarzkopf Extra Care Dry Range. The range includes a Dry Shampoo, Dry Conditioner and Dry Oil Mist. I was very excited to try this out seeing as how I hadn’t realised that Dry Conditioner and Dry Oil Mist had now made its way onto the dry hair care scene. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise.



The packaging is quite cool. With each bottle having its own special little colour – it’s great to see a little detail and thought put into this. It certainly makes it a bit easier to grab the right bottle once you’ve got the colours ingrained in your head. The dry shampoo is in a bottle green/teal colour, the dry conditioner is blue and the dry oil mist is a pretty gold. All the colours are really vibrant. Otherwise, Schwarzkopf have stayed true to their stock standard signature branding.

Dry Shampoo: This product works. I have to make the comparison with Batiste (being the only other dry shampoo I’ve ever used). As my hair is dark it’s quite easy to see any residue left behind from using  any hair products. Especially when that residue tends to come in the form of white powdery annoyance. The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Dry Shampoo however, apart from having a pungent smell, leaves no white residue, and gives my hair extra volume. Not surprising…all the products in this range are “Volumising” (as per the cannister). I don’t need to spray on a tonne of product either and this works wonders. I was smiling after using this.

Dry Conditioner: This product hits the mark too. You don’t need a lot of it and you just spritz it onto your ends and length of your hair. The smell again isn’t great, but it does condition your hair and pretty much does exactly what it says it does.

Dry Oil Mist: The dry oil mist does smell a lot better than either of the dry shampoo and conditioner. Think Old Spice/Lynx sort of fragrances (not exactly but it gives you a ballpark smell) 🙂 It’s strong. But again, this fades away. The dry oil adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to your otherwise dry, frazzled and day old ends. Think smoothing away the dreaded fly-aways and added shine. This one’s a no brainer.

Overall impression:
I’ve certainly started using the EC Dry Range in between washes just because it does give my hair some extra volume, leaves no powdery residue and apart from the smell (which fades away relatively quickly), this product works well for me and actually does what it says it does. My hair looks fresh and shiny and feels soft to touch. The price is quite reasonable as well retailing at $7.99. I think this would be a great Christmas gift for the hair obsessed friend, family members or even just a sneaky treat for yourself (why not ??) 😉

The smell, whilst not the best selling point is still not a deterrent for me because I like the results I get when I use the products. Unless it smelled disgusting and totally revolting (which it doesn’t) then that’s a different story.

At the end of the day, nothing beats freshly washed and clean hair and I prefer that to using dry hair products. But this is certainly something that works when you are short on time, need to freshen up your do and definitely great when you are travelling and of course a great addition to your routine in between washes. I would recommend that you try it out especially if you do use Batiste already.

*Please note that products were gifted to me by Fuse PR. This has in no way affected the outcome of the review and this review is not biased in any way. I was in no way obliged to write a review or asked to do so. This review and all opinions expressed are solely those of CMWB and not Fuse PR or SchwarzkopfNZ.

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8 thoughts on “Review | Schwarzkopf Extra Care Dry Range

    • Heloooo… no I think it should be available in local supermarkets? And chain stores? I live in NZ and it is available here so you should try shopping online but likely to be online 🙂 hope you find it! I am sure you will 🙂

      • I have definitely not seen them around in the stores. Sometimes, it can be difficult to order cans and stuff like that because of restrictions… The only dry shampoo we have here in Hong Kong is the batiste travel size and costs like 5$ 😥

      • Serious? aww…I would try googling it and see where you can get it from in your area ?? Let me know if you do find it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it and compare notes 😛 geek style.

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