Christmas Wishlist Ideas | Stocking Stuffers

As far as Christmas gifts go I think the choices that we have are endless. But how do you choose something really meaningful and special? For kids it’s relatively easy. Santa usually drops by with their hearts desires. Adults on the other hand pose a more difficult buying bracket.

Personally, my style choices have evolved so much over the years and will likely continue to do so. So when I go shopping for loved ones, it’s usually to find some small “forever” present. Something that means something.

Here I’ve put together some cute and easy stocking stuffers for you to gift. They are also a little easier on the pocket. We all know Christmas is a really expensive time of year. But remember that a price tag is not everything. It’s the thought and effort put into a gift.

Hope you guys like this snazzy gift list. It’s short and sweet but maybe it will give you some ideas 🙂

Final Picture

You can shop these lovely gifts at:

I am particularly in love with the Alice in Wonderland trinkets. They have that perfect combination of vintage inspiration and modern day pretty. I love the detail especially.

Share your favourite gift ideas and inspiration in the comments below – I love to read them!




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