DIY| Easily Fix Your Broken Shadows and Powder Products

If you own makeup then you will most likely have had the experience of finding your favorite shadow or blush (or similar product) shattered into sad fragmented pieces. How many times have you despaired and thrown it out and had to spend more $$ on getting a brand new product?

Well you no longer have to fear. Having this easy savior in your makeup kit will save you a lot of money and plus it’s generally pretty good for cleaning up your tools and sanitizing. If you haven’t already – invest in some Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol). It’s inexpensive and is a lifesaver.

To read more about how I made a mess of my MAC palette and broke my Amber Lights eye-shadow click here.

My broken shadow was everywhere and all over the palette as well as my other shadows. A nice royal mess. 


Here’s how I fixed up my broken shadow:

1. Gather all the fragments of shadow and try and get all the dusty bits from your palette (if you can) into the shadow pan:



2. Use a toothpick to break up the shadow into powder:


3. Add a few drops of Isopropyl Alchohol to dampen the eye-shadow powder:


4. Wrap your finger around a piece of material or paper towel and press the shadow down gently so it packs together. You can also use a small coin wrapped in a paper towel or tissue.

5. Allow to dry.

That’s it! Your shadow will be almost good as new and usable again. Check out the before and after shots below:





You can get a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol from any pharmacy. I went to Life Pharmacy and paid $8.00 for a 50mL bottle.

I hope you guys found this tutorial useful and can now fix up any broken shadows or products you have in your collection.




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