Do Not Try This at Home: How I ruined my MAC palette

Hi Ladies,

So for a more dramatic title for a post, how was this one? I guess I did over react a tad bit when I saw the state of my (pretty much brand new) MAC palette and shadows after we came back from our trip to South Africa.

I took some real hefty precautions to protect them too – and whilst most posts are generally “How To’s”, I thought you’d better perk up to this “How Not To”. Most beauty bloggers (like me) are always posting about the latest and greatest and showcase all the pretty pics, so I thought I’d change it up a little and give you a taste of my mistake instead.

A little background info. I really wanted to have my MAC shadows with me on our holiday, especially because they were all in one palette and I had my blush and setting powder in there too. Naturally I thought it was an easy palette to travel with because everything was in one easy to access place.

My husband kindly wrapped it all tight in his t-shirts and packed it away really carefully. When we arrived at our destination one of the shadows had dusted all of the inside of the palette but it wasn’t a major issue as it hadn’t actually broken. I just had to clean everything up. So I went hunting at the MAC stores for a new palette and inserts so I could really ensure that the palette and the shadows would stay intact on the return journey home.

Unfortunately, the inserts were virtually impossible to find because they were exclusively at certain stores (which by the way was not even in the same province as I was in at the time). So I had to scrap that idea. The most sensible idea. And now cue the regret that inevitably followed…I had considered getting the inserts for the palette a while before the trip. I just never got around to it. Bad move.

So I did the next best thing. I took sticky tape and taped the entire palette to within an inch of it’s life. The result? Well here’s the picture of destruction that caused the waterworks to start at first sight:

20140111_195550_edit0 20140111_195440_edit0

Now I’ve left the sticky tape in to make sure that you can see the destructive nature of what I had done and how I did it. So now you can make sure you completely avoid this scenario.

Do you feel my pain? πŸ˜› Great start to the year!

So ladies – some handy tips when travelling with this specific MAC palette:

  • make sure that the shadows stick well to the bottom – I had a few that I had depotted and for whatever reason (even with a magnet added to the bottom) it just didn’t adhere to the palette the way it should have.
  • DO NOT use sticky tape – I think this was the sole cause of breakage on the eye-shadow 😦
  • maybe consider using an insert when travelling – it will ensure that everything stays in place and won’t break

All in all – the palette looks like a general mess – and I’ve lost a little product so the damage isn’t really as bad as I make it out to be. But I was still horrified. Needless to say I’ve now invested in inserts and replaced my sad, broken shadow (which is in the shade amber lights).

Also I did use magnets for the shadows that I had depotted, unfortunately Z-palette magnets do not work with these MAC palettes very well at all. You would probably need to invest in proper magnet strips to get your depotted products to have sticking power and zero movement.

Hope you guys had a bit of a giggle and laugh at my expense. Everything does not always pan out the way you plan and these ugly photo’s prove that much πŸ˜›

Let me know if you’ve had similar experiences. You can also check out my post on “How to Fix Broken Shadows” right hereΒ to remedy this particular problem.

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