Beauty Review|Sigma Creme de Couture Collection

Hi Lovelies!

I have finally got around to swatching my Sigma Creme de Couture collection – which I’ve actually had sitting at home since last year shortly after their launch….better late then never I guess. I bought the collection from the Sigma website which I will link for you at the end of this post.

I watched a fair few videos on YouTube and read many reviews before deciding to make the purchase. The colours looked great and a major seller was that they were all matte shades. The colours looked so pigmented in the reviews and posts that I thought they were bound to show up quite nicely on my skin too. I was so excited when it arrived. I am an absolute marketers dream when it comes to falling for hype and pretty packaging so I was well and truly swept up in the excitement of this new product launch.

So without further rambling here’s my review on the collection:



I think the packaging for this one goes without saying. Definitely a 10/10. The amount of detail and thought that has gone into this is remarkable. I love the way each box is created to resemble a luxury chocolate box complete with “flavour” (in this case shade) cards. The blush packaging are in the colours of the actual blush inside the box so it’s easy to see exactly which colour you are after. No fuss.







I think some of the shadow colours and the blushes are a bit too chalky and don’t really blend well. Maybe it might work better for lighter skin tones, but I am an NC44 and this didn’t work well for me at all. I must admit I was hugely disappointed because I really wanted to love this palette and the blushes, but it mostly just does not work on darker skin tones. I tried…I really tried to love this. There are some shades which look better than others but for the most part I’m likely not going to be able to use some of the colours unless I use them wet – but I have admittedly not attempted that as yet.

The eyeshadow names and swatches are below:


1. The colours from left to right are: Redberry Rose, Apricot Flower, Passion Fruit & Cherry Blossom



My favourite shade in this row has to be the Redberry Rose. Its’ a very nice pink and it doesn’t appear too chalky. The other three shades look far too chalky and don’t really reflect the colour in the palette accurately on my skin tone.

2. The colours from left to right are: Meyer Lemon, Ginger Pumpkin, Cafe au Lait, Blueberry Cream



As you can see the lemon shade looks really chalky and the ginger pumpkin isn’t so flash either. I was expecting a bit more colour pay-off from the brown shade in this row but unfortunately this didn’t work very well. Surprisingly the Blueberry cream looks exactly how it should albeit slightly chalky so that’s a colour which I can probably make use of.

3. The Colours from Left to Right are: Violet Whip, Lavender Honey, Cassis, Elderberry



I think this row proved to have more win’s for it in terms of colour and pay-off than any of the other rows. I really like the last three shades and the Violet Whip shade can probably be used as a highlight for the inner corner of the eye or something.

4. The Colours from Left to Right are: Blue Chocolat, Almond Pear, Creme de Menthe, Citron Pistachio



I’ll leave you to make up your own mind for the first three colours. I think it’s fairly obvious that it doesn’t work well but the Citron Pistachio is definitely a lovely shade and looks really nice.

Overall my favourite eyeshadow shades in this palette has to be Cassis, Redberry Rose and Citron Pistachio.

Blush Swatches:


Out of the three blushes there is only one that I could potentially get some use out of. The other two are just too chalky and the colour just didn’t transfer onto my skin (and this is using my fingers to swatch and not a brush).

The first blush shade is Cherry Apple.



This shade actually gives a really nice “flushed” look without being overpowering and it looks really lovely. The fact that it’s matte means that this blush shade would be perfect for day looks. I love this particular blush in the collection. It’s not chalky looking and is super wearable. I love it and the way it looks on darker skin tones.

The next blush shade is Blackberry Rose.



I’m not 100% sold on this shade. I was expecting the colour to look more pigmented and less chalky (are you sensing a theme here?). I don’t think it’s very flattering on dark skin tones at all.

The final blush shade is Strawberry Ambrosia.



You can kind of see the pale pinkness coming through in this one, but again I think you would struggle to get it to look flattering or work well on darker skin tones. It’s just too chalky (again). I don’t particularly like this one at all.

Overall Verdict? 

I think that this collection would have been an absolute must have had the colours been more pigmented and had better consistency. For someone like me with darker skin, it’s hugely disappointing to buy something based on the way it looks in the palette only to find that only 3 or 4 shades out of 16 are maybe wearable and one 1 out of 3 blushes make the cut.

I love the detail & the packaging but I didn’t buy this just for the packaging – so overall this palette is not something I love. I totally love to look at it, but it’s a waste of money because I could just look at pictures of it easily enough. If you are darker skin toned  (around NC44), then I would not recommend you buy it. However if you have paler skin then I’m sure this would work perfectly on you because the colours are more likely to show up.

I was hoping for more out of this but unfortunately I think Sigma could have done a bit better on it and I did expect more given their products are usually really amazing quality. But the product and the images speak for themselves in this case. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love Sigma and am a die hard fan of their brushes and other makeup products. Unfortunately this particular collection just did not work for me.

They have just put out a new collection though which does look like it will suit darker skin tones so I will try to get my grubby hands on that and review it. The new collection is called the “Enlight Collection“.

You can visit the Sigma online store at:

I hope that you have enjoyed this review and found it useful. The collection was a limited edition collection so am not 100% sure if it’s still available, so I do apologise for the delay in getting this review up.



2 thoughts on “Beauty Review|Sigma Creme de Couture Collection

  1. I am glad I skipped that palette! The colors are indeed gorgeous, but I was afraid it wouldn’t show up very nicely on me (I am also darker complected). Definitely give the new Warm Neutrals palette a try! I have a review on my blog. Very well suited for us darker toned girls 🙂

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